Our services

We lead the way from the idea to reality.

We cover all areas of planning, from the investment idea to the delivery of plans suitable for implementation.

We help:

  • in finding the right shape and appearance for you
  • in inventing a really well-functioning building
  • in the cooperation of the design fields
  • in navigating the in the plethora of legislation
  • in adapting your ideas to your wallet
Architect design

We help you put your ideas into shape, so the architect's planning process could begin.

Architectural planning

Architectural planning lasts from the birth of the design to the delivery of the construction plans, which includes all possible phases: installation plan, concept plan, sketch plan, permit plan, construction plan...

Interior design

We plan the interior design and appearance of our buildings according to your ideas. You can count on us from the floor plan concept, through the sketch presented on the visual plan, to the detailed construction plans.

General design

As a general designer, we involve all the specialist designers necessary for the implementation of the project and coordinate their work.

Property developer support

Before starting your investment, we compile decision-making material, analyze the legal environment, and help develop utilization ideas. We prepare the supporting plans and budgets required for your application.

Contractor engineering support

In order to be the best in a construction price competition, we help you optimize the technical content. In the case of construction in progress, we will find equivalent technical solutions that are more favorable for you. If our support is needed during construction, we also provide design supervision.