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About us


As an architectural design firm most of the time we work as general designers. We have been working in the industry since 1991 and have benn operating as a company since 1999. The synergy of the two founders is provided by their different types of thinking, but still pointing in the same direction.

We believe that only a perfectly functional building can be beautiful. For more than 20 years, we have been working to ensure our client to find their cherished dream in a useful and aesthetic building.

Our partner’s success is our success!

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Get to know us!

Allow us to briefly introduce our staff.

Balázs Csaba


Hajdu Péter

gazdasági vezető

Vecsey-Körmendi Andrea

vezető építészmérnök

Nagy Viktor

senior építészmérnök

Szigeti Csaba


Jakab Kincső


Pintácsi Olivér


Szőlősi Papp Orsolya

irodai asszisztens

Illés Kitti


..this is not all, our future plans..

as one of the leading architectural firms in Eastern Hungary are

  • to pass on our professional experience to the younger generations,
  • to strengthen the architectural renewal and development efforts of our home, Debrecen and its surroundings,
  • to work with the tools of architecture for a greener future.